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Titicaca Lake and La Paz

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Highlights of Bolivia Highlights of Bolivia
A journey between the Sacred Lake Titicaca and the final goal of the South American conquest.
Program from 8 days /7 nights US$ 1058
Andes Escape Andes Escape
Lake Titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu – The best of Bolivia and Perú
Program from 10 days /9 nights US$ 942

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Titicaca Lake

Situated 3,800 meters (12,470ft) above sea level, and considered the highest navigable lake in the world, Titicaca Lake is considered the cradle of Inca culture. It has 36 islands, of which the most important are the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon: the cradle of the Inca Empire and the temple of the "Virgins of the Sun," respectively.

In Copacabana, the population is located in the surroundings of Titicaca, near the important Sanctuary of the Brunette Virgin and the Astronomical Observatory. Only 200 mts (650ft) from the city is the Intikala or Tribunal of the Incas, and two kilometers (1.25mi) away is the Inca Bathroom or Kusijata.

The ruins of Tiwanaku, located to the south of Titicaca Lake, and 70km. (43mi) from La Paz, were the most important political, social, economic, and cultural center for the Aymaras.

The administrative capital of the country and situated 3,600 meters (11,800ft) above sea level, La Paz is the neurological and economic center of Bolivia. In its surroundings you can find tourist places of interest such as the Valley of the Moon and the highest Ski Slopes in the world in the snowy Chacaltaya, where you can also find the Cosmic Physics Laboratory.

A little further away from La Paz, the region of Yungas, possesses a tropical landscape very different from the capital. In this region you can find Chulumani and Coroico populations.

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