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Basic services


Electricity The electric current in Bolivia is the standard 220 volts, 50 cycles. In some places such as La Paz and a few other areas in Bolivia it is also 110 volts, 50 cycles.

Measurement system

Bolivia uses the metric system of measurement, just like practically the rest of the world; therefore distances are measured in meters, weight in grams, temperature in degrees Celsius, and volume in liters. Some smaller shopping locales also use the Imperial system of pounds, but the standard is the metric system.

Tips and bargaining

Tips are not common, with the exception of four and five star hotels and some fine restaurants, in which case there is a 10% tip included in the bill. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers or bus drivers, unless they have provided some extra service. In regards to bargaining, prices are already established in most shopping malls and fine restaurants; but in other areas such as craftsmanship, some food locales, transportation and accommodation, the prices are negotiable.

Radio and TV

There are two channels supported by the government and five private channels, which operate in La Paz, Cochabamba, Trinidad, Oruro, Potosí, Tarija, and Santa Cruz. The majority of tv programming is foreign. Bolivia has some 125 radio stations that broadcast in Spanish, Quechua, and Aymará.

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