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Driving in Bolivia

Traveling in a private vehicle, bus, van/truck, motorcycle, and taxi are easy forms of transportation in and around the cities and towns of Bolivia. The prices usually reflect the level of service, but this is not always the case. It is more expensive to travel in private vehicles and is cheaper to travel in a van or truck. Pullman buses offer a middle ground for transportation and are not only the most abundant, but also provide comfort and safety while traveling.

Highways and Road System

To travel between regions is relatively easy within Bolivia. The highways and roads connect most large cities with the smaller towns and villages. Because the majority of roads in Bolivia are not paved, access to certain places will depend on the season in which you travel. During the rainy season, many remote villages remain isolated for days or weeks if the rain doesn't stop.


Taxis in Bolivia are relatively cheap. Some are equipped with meters, but in many cities and towns there is a standard rate per person on short rides. Before you get into a taxi, it is advisable to ask a merchant or in a hotel, what the rate should be for the destination you wish to reach.

Air Travel

All the capitals of the different regions, large cities, and some towns in Bolivia, all have airports that provide service for domestic flights. Flights on private airplanes can be found in most larger cities. More information in Airports and Customs.


The train system in Bolivia is limited to trips between the plateau and the valleys. It is possible to travel by train towards Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

River Transportation

Water transportation is frequently used in the Amazon region of Bolivia since many destinations can only be accessed by this method, due to the impervious geography. There are large ships or small boats according to the size of the river and whether the destination is a large city or small village.


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