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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

This city, which corresponds to the capital of the region with the same name, is characterized by its tropical climate, due to the fact that it occupies an extensive area of flat land in eastern Bolivia, between the rainforests of the Amazon and the highlands of Chaco. The rain is not abundant, but during the summer the hot weather can last for several days. The area is home to what is considered the best airport in the country, since it is located at an altitude of only 417 meters (1,370ft), making Santa Cruz the main doorway into Bolivia. Covering an area of 320,000 Km 2 (79,000acres) of which only a third is mountainous, the rest extends to the Amazon plains, with some 1,364,389 inhabitants. (Census 1992)
Santa Cruz of the Sierra was founded in 1561, by the Spanish Capitan Ñuflo de Chavez and from that time period what is considered the older area of the city has been preserved with a landscape now modified by modern buildings and the heavy traffic that is the result of the economic development the city has faced in recent years.


Santa Cruz
Located in the eastern region of Bolivia, bordered to the north by the Benin district and Brazil, to the south with the Chusquiza district and Paraguay, to the east with Brazil and to the west with the Benin, Cochabamba, and Chusquiza districts. 
When to go
Cabañas del Piraí, town of Samaipata, pre Incan ruins of El Fuerte, Catedral Metropolitana, Museo Catedrático de Arte Sacro, El Arenal, Santuario de Cotoca.
How to get there
You can arrive by plane from the main cities of La Paz and Sucre to the Viru-Viru International Airport (15 km/9 mi north of the center of Santa Cruz). By land, Santa Cruz connects to other main areas of the country by highway.
Hiking, navigation, photography, cultural tours, following the footsteps of Che Guevara from Vallegrande to La Higuera
Accommodation, trails, transportation.
Dunas de Palmar (Palmar Dunes), Cotoca, Puerto Pailas, Montero, Okinawa, Yapacaní, Buena Vista, Amboró National Park.






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