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  Bolivia : Destinations: La Paz

La Paz

La Paz

It is the commercial, financial, and industrial center of Bolivia. The city of La Paz is currently the seat of Government, established since October 25, 1899, the date in which General José de Manuel Pando assumed the presidency of the Republic. La Paz is also the capital of the district with the same name. It is situated at 3649 m (11,968 ft) above sea level in the northwest of Bolivia with an extension of 133,985 sq. km. (83,740 sq. mi). Its borders are: to the north with Pando, to the south with Oruro, to the east with Beni and Cochabamba and to the west with the Republics of Peru and Chile. Its population is approximately 1,900,786 (1992 Census) and is divided into 20 provinces and 272 districts. La Paz rebelled against Spanish oppression in 1809 under the direction of Pedro Domingo Murillo, who was hanged along with other patriots on July 16th of the same year. Its attractions are centered around the beautiful architecture of its churches and museums and the indigenous marketplaces that display and sell traditional crafts. In the surrounding area you will find an archaeological place of interest in Tiahuanaco. 


La paz
This seat of Government of the Republic of Bolivia is situated to the northeast of the country.
When to go
Architecture of San Francisco Church, craftsmanship along Sagárnaga street, Mercado Negro (Black Market), National Museum of Art.
How to get there
The main destination in Bolivia is La Paz, specifically El Alto International Airport. You can get to the other main cities of the country from La Paz by highway.
Hiking, Photography, cultural touring, ethnic ecotourism.
Accommodations, food, trails, transportation.
Valle de La Luna (Valley of the Moon), Mallasa, Muela del Diablo (Devil's Tooth), Valle de Las Ánimas, Cañón de Palca (Palca Canyon), ruinas de Tiahuanaco.

San Francisco Church

Cathedral and Plaza of Arequipa




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