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Bolivia is geographically by three very well marked regions: Andes region, Valleys Region, and the flatlands region. In the Andes region you can find the Occidental and Oriental mountain ranges, in addition to the plateaus. In this region you will also find the cities with the most economic activity in the country.

The valleys region, to the east of the Oriental mountain range, is a territory that possesses a temperate to hot climate and fertile valleys. Finally, the flatlands region, to the southeast and south of the territory, is named "Chaco".

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Lago Titicaca
La Paz - Lake Titicaca
Rich architectural and cultural region with the Islas del Sol and La Luna (islands of Sun and the Moon), and the ruins of Tiwanaku.
Mapa de Bolivia
Santa Cruz - Misiones
Santa Cruz - Missions
Large Jesuit ruins in the middle of the Bolivian Amazonian forest.
Sucre y Potosi
Sucre and Potosi
Sucre, the constitutional capital, and Potosi, the capital of silver in South America.
Titicaca-La Paz Sucre-Potosi Santa Cruz-Misiones

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